App-Payment Data to Monitor Japanese E-Payment Market

By NRI | 2019 September

About Our App Payment Data

Our App payment data is calculated from Android mobile application usage logs. The usage logs include numbers of installations and users during fixed periods of time, as well as users of individual functions within applications. This dataset includes:

  • ・ Number of installs of and unique users for payment applications
  • ・ Estimated number of transactions of each user through each application
  • ・ Total number of payments for each application

Good Indicator or Japanese E-Payment Market

The Japanese E-payment market has seen various new entrants in the last year. However, the available quantitative data on the space has not kept up with the demand in the market to evaluate the new service.

NRI's App payment data shows that the App payment market is growing fast, expanding by a factor of 40 since a large service provider launched its service.

Our data contains rich information and gives investors unique insights into Japanese E-payment market trends, including structural changes, market expansion and the business strategy of each service provider.

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