Terms of Use

Terms of Use

The objective of this website is to provide information that will help the user understand the activities of Nomura Research Institute Limited and its group companies (hereinafter the "NRI Group"). Please read the following terms and conditions of use before using this website.

If there are any terms and conditions other than those stipulated below on the NRI website and/or websites linked to this website, please use such website in compliance with the terms and conditions applicable to the relevant website.

NRI reserves the right to change the content, the URL and the Terms of Use of this website without prior notice. The revised terms and conditions of use become effective at the time such revised terms and conditions are posted here.

The content of this website is created and published in accordance with the internal standards of the NRI Group. However, the NRI Group provides no warranties and makes no assurances with respect to the accuracy, currentness, integrity, merchantability or fitness of the content for a particular purpose. Use of this website is the sole responsibility of the user.


The copyrights for the content published on the NRI website remain the sole property of the NRI Group and the creators of the relevant content.

Use of this website and its content is limited to "reproduction for personal use" or "quotation" as stipulated in the Copyright Law. For such use, please explicitly cite this website as the source of the information or quotation. Any use that exceeds the scope of "reproduction for personal use" or "quotation" requires explicit permission for such use from NRI prior to its use.

For inquiries and to apply for permission for such use, please contact Shingan AD Helpdesk (E-mail:

2.Linking to This Website

Links to the NRI website can be freely established under the conditions given in this section. No links may be made from any website that NRI considers unlawful or offensive to public order and/or morals. NRI may also refuse to allow a link from any website established in such a manner that it is unclear that such link is directed to the NRI website.

When establishing links to pages other than the top page, please note that the content and the URLs of any such pages may be changed or deleted without prior notice.

3.Governing Laws and Court of Jurisdiction

The laws of Japan shall govern the interpretation and application of the content and the "Terms of Use" of this website.

Unless otherwise specified, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of the first instance for all disputes regarding use of the Shingan AD website.


In addition to the matters set forth herein, the disclaimer prescribed on the website will apply to the use of this website.

5.Browser Capability

For best results in viewing the NRI website, we recommend use of the following browsers:
-Microsoft Internet Explorer v11 or higher
-Google Chrome v76
-Firefox v68

There may be occasions where a part of screen is not displayed properly if a browser that is not recommended is used to view the website


Adobe Acrobat Reader must be installed in the viewer's computer system in order to read the PDF files provided via the Shingan AD website.

7.Use of Cookies

The NRI Group may use cookies (or other similar technology) on this website. A cookie is a small piece of information sent by this website to a user’s browser which may be stored as a file on the user’s hard drive. Users can change their browser settings to block cookies or to display a warning message when a cookie is received. Please be aware that disabling cookies may limit the use of this website or even prevent the user from using this website.


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